A downloadable game for Windows

Fast paced platformer with tight controls. Fair difficulty, many levels, many  mechanics. Controller it's highly recommended.

The game is still in early access, the graphics and aesthetics of the game might or might not change a lot, there are still many mechanics that I'm testing and will create levels to introduce them. I aim the difficulty to be medium and scale to hard. Music for the game is nearly done but I'm still thinking how to better integrate it. The character might remain a cube or a 3D character with animations for jumping, running, wallslideing, etc.

What I will add for sure: More levels, more mechanics, a better character "tail", sounds, menu.

If you guys got any feedback I'd love to hear it on " ioanastelian94@gmail.com ", I'd love to hear it that much so I'll give to most valuable contributors free game keys when the game will be done and polished.


Update log: Added coyote time and jump buffer.

Awesome and short read about it on: https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/LisaBrown/20171005/307063/GameMaker_Platformer_J...

Added a player character with some animations, still WIP

Added new Youtube video.

Install instructions

If you have an Xbox Controller, just extract the game and play it. If you don't you have to set inputs, sorry for that. If a level is too hard, you can bind a button to skip the level(NextLevel input).


Platformer.rar 19 MB

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